Today's sample excerpt from my new novel Lovelza is a special character spotlight on the endearing Everitt and Bries Berring, two supporting personalities who lighten the plot's depraved depths with their indelible sense of wit and politesse, yet mask the truth about their own unsavoury line of profession.

In the middle of Chapter 10, set in December of 2011, Dr. Alessio Viscardi has taken his date Demetria to his sister Lala's amorously themed Venetian cafe for a private after-hours Christmas Eve party. The small gathering and its candlelit story-telling fuelled by coffee cocktails and cannabis is then suddenly interrupted by the arrival of two new guests, the dearest of Lala's friends...

Lovelza is coming soon as an easily downloadable eBook!


Surrounded by news of a deadly new epidemic plaguing Rome, Dr. Alessio Viscardi stays awake in the café after closing, waiting for his sister Lala to crash on the upstairs mattress for the night so he can acquire professional counsel from her genius sleep-talking self…

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Soon to be made available is my first novel, a colourfully dark Faustian mystery set in the Venetian Lagoon.

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Having become the main recipient of blame after his family practice in the US floundered to bankruptcy, young neurologist Alessio Viscardi fortuitously stumbles across the anomalous genius unveiled in the night through his sleep-talking sister, Lala, whose knowledge appears to be boundless while in an unconscious state. He takes life to Venice, Italy, where Lala works at the risqué Caffé Cupid, secretly conducting his research on her while she sleeps unaware. Enthralled by her strikingly distinct nighttime persona, even enamored by it, he begins to use her counsel to treat the patients at his hospital day job and eventually engages a crusade to bring about a scientific revolution. However, doubts arise as to the independent ambitions of this sleep-talking “goddess”, and Alessio quickly finds his lifelong struggle for truth twirling amidst a polytheistic masquerade. Drawing unlikely friends into the crossfire and illustrious enemies to callous envy, the ultimate question continues to haunt the lagoon’s historical labyrinth...