COMING SOON — 'The Roseworm'

I'm thrilled to announce the first details of my second novel, the upcoming sequel to 'Lovelza', which will be handing a spotlight to the supporting characters Everitt and Bries in the story's following events. The novel is currently in its final stages and will be approximately 300 pages, 111,000 words.



        Braised heron cassoulet. Balsamic shark carpaccio. Exotic or endangered, it was all on the menu, with compliments to the young wedded poachers. At the expense of integrity, Everitt and Bries Berring had managed a career in Italy hunting illegal game for high-paying clients, but the curtains quickly fell on this life. Enemies were never hard to find. After being chased out for their lives, at odds with a former client, the Berrings’ lifelong sense of social exile was abruptly actualized. 
Following a yearlong foxhunt with a relentless trio of hounds close at their heels, an interested American tycoon intervenes to approach the couple with a tempting proposal for his personal dining pleasure. Desperate for sanctuary, the Berrings have little choice but to accept this one last client as an end to their unsavoury little profession. The charitable and beneficent Seth Morgenroth invites them up to the quiet mountain villages of Romania for his annual six-month retreat to comfortably stay the fall and winter in a humble hilltop cabin supplied with a meat freezer, where they see little of their gracious employer as they explore the vast new hunting grounds. The haunting wilderness rustles with prized marks to fell, and in town, disturbing mysteries to puzzle over—pregnant women vanishing across the region. 
  Surrounded by rumours of destitute kidnappers from the poverty-stricken hovels, Mr. Morgenroth and his alluring misandrist wife Cynthie share concern for the orphans of their nearby Carpathian Children’s Foundation. Nevertheless, they continue to host a series of lavish dinner parties alongside the close ring of friends hibernating in Romania with them, banqueted in their mountain lodge by the household chef and his apprentice cooks. 
  But, slave or pharaoh, everyone has someone to feed—the dark circle of life.
        As veils of ancient symbology begin to unravel around the Berrings, the two slowly grow wise to the presence of a dark theosophical order and soon find themselves ensnared in an esoteric conspiracy that drives their spiritual quest for truth into the coldest wilderness. 

Everitt Berring — portrait of the protagonist.
Bries Berring — a rough sketch of the leading lady

Cynthie Morgenroth — mystery character