'The Roseworm' — NEW Sample Chapter

I've released the first sample for my upcoming novel The Roseworm, an exciting, eerie and enigmatic sequel to Lovelza that hands a leading spotlight to the supporting characters of Everitt and Bries Berring.

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"Bries" Illustration

Portrait of Bries Berring — pencil on paper. 
Character from Lovelza and my upcoming novel The Roseworm

An Arab German, born in Hannover, Germany to a large Muslim family from whom she fled as a teenager, leaving behind the name Bashira Zaroon Al-Saad to foolishly but providentially find her own way. Crossing paths with Everitt Berring, a man on a similar journey, the two marry and quickly adopt the strange profession of poaching illegal game for wealthy clients with a penchant for  the exotic. However, making an enemy of one of their clients, they find themselves the prey in a relentless hunt that drives them all across the world, all the while treading a spiritual path for truth.  

COMING SOON — 'The Roseworm'

I'm thrilled to announce the first details of my second novel, the upcoming sequel to 'Lovelza', which will be handing a spotlight to the supporting characters Everitt and Bries in the story's following events. The novel is currently in its final stages and will be approximately 300 pages, 111,000 words.



        Braised heron cassoulet. Balsamic shark carpaccio. Exotic or endangered, it was all on the menu, with compliments to the young wedded poachers. At the expense of integrity, Everitt and Bries Berring had managed a career in Italy hunting illegal game for high-paying clients, but the curtains quickly fell on this life. Enemies were never hard to find. After being chased out for their lives, at odds with a former client, the Berrings’ lifelong sense of social exile was abruptly actualized. 
Following a yearlong foxhunt with a relentless trio of hounds close at their heels, an interested American tycoon intervenes to approach the couple with a tempting proposal for his personal dining pleasure. Desperate for sanctuary, the Berrings have little choice but to accept this one last client as an end to their unsavoury little profession. The charitable and beneficent Seth Morgenroth invites them up to the quiet mountain villages of Romania for his annual six-month retreat to comfortably stay the fall and winter in a humble hilltop cabin supplied with a meat freezer, where they see little of their gracious employer as they explore the vast new hunting grounds. The haunting wilderness rustles with prized marks to fell, and in town, disturbing mysteries to puzzle over—pregnant women vanishing across the region. 
  Surrounded by rumours of destitute kidnappers from the poverty-stricken hovels, Mr. Morgenroth and his alluring misandrist wife Cynthie share concern for the orphans of their nearby Carpathian Children’s Foundation. Nevertheless, they continue to host a series of lavish dinner parties alongside the close ring of friends hibernating in Romania with them, banqueted in their mountain lodge by the household chef and his apprentice cooks. 
  But, slave or pharaoh, everyone has someone to feed—the dark circle of life.
        As veils of ancient symbology begin to unravel around the Berrings, the two slowly grow wise to the presence of a dark theosophical order and soon find themselves ensnared in an esoteric conspiracy that drives their spiritual quest for truth into the coldest wilderness. 

Everitt Berring — portrait of the protagonist.
Bries Berring — a rough sketch of the leading lady

Cynthie Morgenroth — mystery character


She's ready for you...

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After the bankruptcy of his family practice in the U.S., young neurologist Alessio Viscardi has fortuitously discovered that his sister Lala does much more than talk in her sleep. Unbeknownst to her, she assumes an alternate persona—two girls, one body. This nocturnal persona appears to be a genius capable of answering any question that's asked of her, but only while she's asleep. 

Set in Italy along the history-rich islands of the Venetian Lagoon where Lala runs the risqué Caffè Cupid, Alessio holds conversations with Lala's sleep-talking self, struggling to diagnose the anomaly as either parasomnia or demonic possession. 

Through Lala's lips, the voice calls herself "Lovelza" and begins to inspire Alessio's belief in the spiritual by answering his every inquiry. Enthralled by the possibilities she yields, Alessio begins to use her counsel to treat the patients at his hospital day job, slowly becoming enamoured by her as he engages a crusade to bring about a scientific revolution. 

During his ambitious stride towards self-aggrandizement, his work quickly attracts the attention of a menacing secret admirer, the successor of Italy's oldest occult organization historically embedded in the formation of modern society, whose illustrious members have taken a profound interest in his work. 

However, most complicated and threatening of all is the deviant nature of Alessio's growing relationship with Lovelza, who only desires one thing of him in return: love.

Official Launch Date!

I am pleased to announce that my debut novel 'Lovelza' is set to be released on September 15th, 2015. It will be fast and easy to download as a digital eBook on Amazon Kindle, and the price, regularly set at $2.99 CDN, will be on special for $0.99 CDN for a limited 7-day promotional discount beginning September 15th and ending on midnight September 22nd. So, follow along with me on this site or my Facebook page for further details on how to receive your copy during the special, and be among the first readers worldwide to enter the bizarre and horrifying mystery of Dr. Viscardi's haunted Venetian odyssey.

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Alessio Viscardi (Chapter 15: Cloak and Mask)—

            The sky is rapidly darkening towards pitch black against the brilliant two thirds of a moon. It’s the ninth night of Carnevale—my first night—and the streets of Venice are flooded with people. Tourists from all over the world use their cameras to light up the dusky old brick fondamente along the sides of the rios and canals. Mingled in with the diverse international audience in full regalia are medieval kings and queens, dogi and dogaressi, Charlemagnes and Cleopatras. Couples pose for the cameras in traditional porcelain volto masks sheened in gold leaf gilding, arrayed from head to toe in elaborate Chinese silk costumes. 
            This is Carnevale di Venezia, a serene annual season of theatrical revelry and masked liberty before the grand finale on the night preceding Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent—two and a half weeks a demon, six weeks a saint. Carnevale is all about aesthetic beauty and civilized pretenses. It’s a dimension above most other places, as I’ve heard. Shrovetide in the UK and Ireland is all about pub-hopping yourself into absolute destitution. Switzerland’s Rabadan isn’t much better, just a little more enthusiastic about its cocaine subculture. And American Mardi Gras, of course, is the cheap knock-off sum of all world carnivals. In this city, prestigious balls are held in some of the oldest palazzi in Italy at almost a thousand euro an invitation.

The Face of 'Lovelza'

The new cover design for my soon-coming debut novel. 
Available 2015 in digital eBook format.

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The main thrill of Lovelza is one of inner conflict, a transgression of morality that gets pushed far out of control. The mystery is not as crime-centric as it is an unveiling of classical antiquity and mythological secrets, that grand quest for spiritual truth in the form of mad science—a quest that quickly spirals into an occult nightmare. The intimacy of reading the protagonist's first-person narrative sets the ultra-personal feel of the story, aided by a diverse and offbeat company of supporting characters. Following the self-righteous ambitions of a young neurologist walking the lines between hero and villain, the plot is a crescendoing storm of twists and turns, and there's no better place to twist and turn than the narrow, dank, labyrinthine streets of modern Venice in the pandemonium of carnival season. It's a scene largely inspired by my own exploration of the historical architecture floating atop this ancient Italian lagoon, and I'm extremely excited to share it with you!

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A deadline has been set! My debut novel Lovelza will be available in downloadable eBook format this summer (2015), and the price will be at its lowest when it is first released, so be sure to follow this site, or Like the Facebook page here!

Also, I'm excited to announce that I've already begun the first draft for a second book following two of the supporting characters in Lovelza, another deep, dark mystery, this time set in the haunting woodlands and pastoral villages of the Carpathian Mountains, Romania.

And now for some more promo art, a quick portrait of a mystery character from Lovelza...

"Verlain il Fiorista"


Today's sample excerpt from my new novel Lovelza is a special character spotlight on the endearing Everitt and Bries Berring, two supporting personalities who lighten the plot's depraved depths with their indelible sense of wit and politesse, yet mask the truth about their own unsavoury line of profession.

In the middle of Chapter 10, set in December of 2011, Dr. Alessio Viscardi has taken his date Demetria to his sister Lala's amorously themed Venetian cafe for a private after-hours Christmas Eve party. The small gathering and its candlelit story-telling fuelled by coffee cocktails and cannabis is then suddenly interrupted by the arrival of two new guests, the dearest of Lala's friends...

Lovelza is coming soon as an easily downloadable eBook!


Surrounded by news of a deadly new epidemic plaguing Rome, Dr. Alessio Viscardi stays awake in the café after closing, waiting for his sister Lala to crash on the upstairs mattress for the night so he can acquire professional counsel from her genius sleep-talking self…

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Soon to be made available is my first novel, a colourfully dark Faustian mystery set in the Venetian Lagoon.

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Having become the main recipient of blame after his family practice in the US floundered to bankruptcy, young neurologist Alessio Viscardi fortuitously stumbles across the anomalous genius unveiled in the night through his sleep-talking sister, Lala, whose knowledge appears to be boundless while in an unconscious state. He takes life to Venice, Italy, where Lala works at the risqué Caffé Cupid, secretly conducting his research on her while she sleeps unaware. Enthralled by her strikingly distinct nighttime persona, even enamored by it, he begins to use her counsel to treat the patients at his hospital day job and eventually engages a crusade to bring about a scientific revolution. However, doubts arise as to the independent ambitions of this sleep-talking “goddess”, and Alessio quickly finds his lifelong struggle for truth twirling amidst a polytheistic masquerade. Drawing unlikely friends into the crossfire and illustrious enemies to callous envy, the ultimate question continues to haunt the lagoon’s historical labyrinth...