She's ready for you...

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After the bankruptcy of his family practice in the U.S., young neurologist Alessio Viscardi has fortuitously discovered that his sister Lala does much more than talk in her sleep. Unbeknownst to her, she assumes an alternate persona—two girls, one body. This nocturnal persona appears to be a genius capable of answering any question that's asked of her, but only while she's asleep. 

Set in Italy along the history-rich islands of the Venetian Lagoon where Lala runs the risqué Caffè Cupid, Alessio holds conversations with Lala's sleep-talking self, struggling to diagnose the anomaly as either parasomnia or demonic possession. 

Through Lala's lips, the voice calls herself "Lovelza" and begins to inspire Alessio's belief in the spiritual by answering his every inquiry. Enthralled by the possibilities she yields, Alessio begins to use her counsel to treat the patients at his hospital day job, slowly becoming enamoured by her as he engages a crusade to bring about a scientific revolution. 

During his ambitious stride towards self-aggrandizement, his work quickly attracts the attention of a menacing secret admirer, the successor of Italy's oldest occult organization historically embedded in the formation of modern society, whose illustrious members have taken a profound interest in his work. 

However, most complicated and threatening of all is the deviant nature of Alessio's growing relationship with Lovelza, who only desires one thing of him in return: love.